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Contract Manufacturing in India

With growing Industry 4.0 applications, companies need more efficient ways to scale their manufacturing. As the majority of businesses are bound to certain production limitations, contract manufacturing comes into play. KARV Automation is a leading company that offers robust contract manufacturing in India.

When you delegate your manufacturing work to KARV Automation, we ensure higher accuracy, superior quality, and faster delivery. Contract manufacturing is the future of growing businesses with higher profitability and customer satisfaction.

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When manufacturers choose contract manufacturing services, they get a leading edge over others using the contractor's manufacturing expertise. In addition, this process offers higher agility throughout the complete manufacturing cycle.

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Why Choose Contract Manufacturing to Outsource from India?

There are several cutting-edge benefits of leveraging KARV Automation’s contract manufacturing services for your production requirements, including:

  • Higher production flexibility with the ability to scale up or scale down the entire process.
  • Based on customers requirements, manufacturers can outsource work in a cost-optimized manner.
  • Companies don’t need to invest upfront in purchasing expensive equipment or hiring professionals heavily.
  • Manufacturers have all-time access to top-notch equipment and expertise
  • It helps companies to speed up their production without compromising the quality.
Contract manufacturing Solution India
Contract Manufacturing in India

KARV Automation Contract Manufacturing Solutions India

KARV Automation’s contract manufacturing services in India offer a wide range of production services to cater to your manufacturing goals. Some of our digital contract manufacturing services include:

3D Printing

KARV Automation is a full-service contract manufacturing company that offers you 3d printing solutions. We have our full-fledged in-house manufacturing setup in India equipped with high-end 3d printers and the latest technologies. We offer you the complete additive manufacturing stack covering SLA, DMLS, FDM, PolyJet, and MultiJet printing technologies. Be it plastic or metals; we meet all your product requirements.

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CNC Machining

KARV Automation uses high-end equipment and designing tools to offer efficient CNC machining services in India. Be it mold manufacturing, low-volume production, or tooling, we have got you covered. With the support of three-axis and five-axis milling CNC machining setups, get the best products in quick lead times. Choose from 45+ industrial-grade materials in plastics, composites, and metals. Moreover, we offer our CNC machining services with no MOQ.

Laser Cutting

Our contract manufacturing solutions cover on-demand laser cutting services that help you speed up the production process. KARV Automation has fully equipped workshops in India that meet all your cutting requirements. With the support of powerful equipment like CO2, ND, and ND-Yag lasers to speed up the turnaround time. We offer laser cutting services in various industrial materials like stainless steel, plastics, acrylics, and titanium.


KARV Automation offers you various fabrication services for materials like plastics, steel, and sheet metals. Our in-house fabrication professionals are experts in multiple methods, including cutting, punching, welding, bending, and assembly. Our team ensures you superior quality fabrication solutions with a quick turnaround time.

Injection Molding

We offer a variety of industrial-grade materials for injection molding like Polyethylene, Acetal, PET, and more to speed up the manufacturing process. Get highly durable and quality products with KARV Automation. Our team offers you multiple injection molding processes like insert molding, blow molding, and thin wall molding.

Vacuum Casting

Experience high-quality vacuum casting services in India at an affordable cost with KARV. We offer vacuum casting across multiple industries. In addition, KARV has a wide range of injection molding grade materials for both small and medium-size batch production. As a result, create hundreds of identical copies of a single product in a shorter lead time.

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Onsite & Offsite Contract Manufacturing Service

KARV Automation is a leading onsite and offshore contract manufacturing company that also has a manufacturing base in India. Our services help manufacturers to save both time and resources with the highest standard work. Whether you are looking for onsite or offshore manufacturing services, our experts cater to all your requirements. So, get state-of-the-art services in India and grow your business faster.
3d printing manufacturing
Contract Manufacturing Advantages

Benefits of Our Contract Manufacturing India Service

There are several benefits of opting for contract manufacturing services in India that let you scale your business faster. Some of the vital advantages of contract manufacturing are:
  • Higher quality products
  • On-demand scalability
  • End-to-end faster service
  • Accurate cost estimates and timeline
  • Reduced costs

Why Choose Us for Contract Manufacturing India Service

KARV Automation is among the leading contract manufacturing companies in India that offer services across many industries. We’ve covered you with numerous facilities, including:
  • Wide range of services, including 3d printing services, CNC machining, injection molding, and more.
  • Guaranteed high-quality solutions to meet all your business requirements
  • A variety of 45+ industry-grade materials
  • Full project assistance
  • Cost-effective prototyping and production services

Contact KARV Automation for the best contract manufacturing in India and get a quick quote for your project today.

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