Worldwide delivery
Worldwide delivery

We offer a quick worldwide delivery to meet your custom manufacturing goal.

Superior Materials
Superior Materials

We have 40+ quality materials, including plastics, metals, ceramics & more.

Instant Quoting
Instant Quoting

Get instant quotes for your project. Experience 24×7 availability services with us.

Industry Experience
Industry Experience

We have a team of experienced & skilled engineers that understand your every requirement.

Guaranteed Quality
Guaranteed Quality

We ensure state-of-the-art quality services in every product to deliver you the best result.

Advanced Solution
Advanced Solution

Our workshops are equipped with top-notch 3d printer & robust technologies.

Welcome to KARV Automation

On-Demand Manufacturing

As the manufacturing domain is advancing towards robust Industry 4.0 applications, several traditional processes are disrupting. Earlier the term manufacturing was used for large-scale and continuous production. But, with ongoing evolution, the trend of on-demand production is on the verge of transformation.

This model is becoming increasingly popular due to its vivid applications, and Karv Automation is here to help companies kickstart their production. Our on-demand manufacturing model is the future that will help companies pace up their operations. To help businesses accelerate their manufacturing, we at Karv Automation offer full-fledged on-demand manufacturing services worldwide.

What is On-Demand Manufacturing?

Also known as manufacturing on-demand, it’s a modern and capable manufacturing system in which we produce components when you need them. As we make a limited number of products based on your requirements, you save substantial time and capital to manage the operations. This revolutionary on-demand parts producing system from KARV is the future to make the entire ecosystem more agile.
Traditional models rely on heavy tooling work and a complex supply chain to create products in bulk. As a result, you had to develop products in massive quantities to reduce operations costs. On the other hand, our online manufacturing process gives you greater flexibility, wide material selection, and personalization in the overall production.
Our modern approach streamlines many industrial applications, including rapid prototyping, by allowing real-time design communication. In addition, you have firm control over quality assurance, functionality, and other pivotal factors with KARV.
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KARV's On-Demand Manufacturing Benefits Over Traditional Methods

Our on-demand manufacturing platform offers several benefits to companies that help them scale faster and serve more customers. We at KARV Automation offer the following cutting-edge benefits of on-demand manufacturing:

Greater Personalization in Low Volume Production

The manufacturing demands of every customer are unique, and their personalization requirements vary as per their business goals. Our on-demand manufacturing lets companies deliver accurately what their customers need in terms of quality, quantity, and functionality. On the other hand, traditional methods make it impossible to personalize the end-products based on individual customer’s requirements. It’s because of the higher tooling and setup costs.

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Lower Logistics Overhead

Companies spend a serious amount on maintaining and managing their warehouses and logistics processes. Conventional methods involve complex logistics, long logistics chains, and constant manual workforce support. As companies produce components in bulk, they also need to pay for warehouses.
Contrary, our on-demand services reduce warehouse, logistics, workforce, and inventory management expenditures. Moreover, as companies can 3d print on demand with us, they can manage the complete operations seamlessly and save massive money in logistics.

Superior Quality Control

When companies mass-produce objects constantly to meet their customer demands, they can’t maintain high quality. In addition to this, keeping track of quality requirements also becomes time-consuming and impossible.
With our modern production methods, organizations can have real-time control over their product batch. Furthermore, as we offer seamless design communication, improvisation is faster and helps in reducing material wastage.

We Fuel Innovation

Constant innovation is the key to take an edge in the market and thrive on customer satisfaction. KARV’s on-demand production engineers quickly design, develop, and test product design to let you innovate faster. This flexibility gives a broader scope to companies for innovating more efficient geometries and functional capabilities for products.
On the other hand, traditional processes fall inefficient when deriving new designs or product functionality quickly. It may take a couple of weeks to see design iterations and prototypes.

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Benefits Of Our Manufacturing as A Service (MaaS)

Our manufacturing as a service or the Maas model offers several advantages to both customers and companies. Some of the key benefits are as follows:

Superior Quality

There are plenty of production and post-processing methods available. When customers opt for MaaS, we take care of every aspect by picking the most suitable methods. So, business owners don’t have to worry about quality control.

Access To Skilled Professionals

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Several custom manufacturing methods are present; picking the right one defines the end product’s success. When companies outsource their product requirements to KARV Automation, they can be assured of skilled professionals working on their projects.


At KARV Automation, our focus remains on offering you the best-quality services in a cost-effective manner. With no minimum order quantity, we assure you excellent accuracy, faster turnaround time in controlled cost so that you can grow your business faster.

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Laser Cutting Sample

Our Capabilities

3D Printing

With 45+ industry-grade materials, we support various 3DP technologies like FDM, SLA, SLS, DMLS & more.

CNC Machining

We offer robust CNC applications in more than 40 plastics, metals & composites materials with no MOQ.


From steel fabrication to plastic and sheet metal fabrication, we offer several processes. We offer welding, cutting, assembly & more.

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Vacuum Casting

KARV offers products with a maximum size of up to 2.5 meters long with an accuracy of up to ±0.1 mm. Choose from 40+ high-grade materials. Injection Molding We offer injection molding in Nylon, PEI, Polypropylene, PET & many more. We cover techniques including insert molding & thin-wall molding.

Laser Cutting

With an accuracy of up to +/-0.1 mm with various surface finishing options, we cover multiple materials from plastics, stainless steel, and metals.

Contract Manufacturing

KARV offers complete contract manufacturing services to meet your every business goal. Get an instant quote now.

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How Does KARV Works?

We are a worldwide on-demand manufacturing company that helps businesses meet their every production requirement. Once you submit your project details, we take care of every aspect of it. Be it designing, prototyping, or mass-production — we are your one-stop shop. Then, after the project is completed, we ship it to your doorsteps.

Why Choose Us for On-Demand Manufacturing?

KARV Automation is a leading on-demand manufacturing company that cost-effectively meets all your business needs. We have our full-fledged setups in India & China, and we offer comprehensive off-shore services from there as well. When you are with KARV, we take complete responsibility for your project till the delivery. From CNC to 3d systems on-demand manufacturing, get the best on-demand services; contact us to know more.

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