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On-Demand SLS 3D Printing

SLS technology is among the most trusted and popular additive manufacturing choices for engineers. With higher productivity, wide material selection, and low-cost production, SLS is an industrial 3d printing method. KARV Automation is a leading on-demand manufacturing company that offers full-fledged SLS services to meet your every product goal.

What is SLS 3D Printing Technology?

SLS or selective laser sintering creates solid objects layer-by-layer by sintering fine polymer powder particles using a laser. During this 3d printing manufacturing, the machine preheats the powder material below its melting point. It becomes accessible for the laser to raise the temperature of selected areas. The laser head moves according to the 3d CAD file & the platform gets lower every time before preparing a new layer.

Compared to other technologies like SLA, FDM, SLS additive manufacturing doesn’t require any support structure. Instead, the powder acts as a self-supporting component that makes it possible for engineers to create complex geometries in a shorter turnaround.

Why Choose SLS 3D Printing Technology?

SLS or selective laser sintering is the best-fit technology that offers higher impact strength and toughness than other methods like FDM. We at KARV Automation streamlines every product challenge with SLS as it provides:

Design Flexibility

An SLS 3d printer doesn’t require any support structure, and it makes it easier for engineers to draft a more flexible design. Be it moving parts or interlocking mechanisms, the design freedom of SLS is unmatchable to many other methods.

Higher Productivity

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SLS in 3d printing is ideal for creating high-performance functional and durable prototypes and end-use parts. SLS 3d printer’s lasers offer much faster speeds and are more accurate than the layer deposition mechanism. Thus, it allows engineers to build complex parts in a shorter turnaround time productively.

Industry-Grade Quality Materials

SLS technology supports high-quality durable materials like PEBA 2301, Nylon PA3200 that offer superior strength and resistance to extreme temperatures. It’s ideal for both creating prototypes and mass manufacturing end products.

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3D Printed Parts

What is Selective Laser Sintering Used For?

This laser sintering 3d printing method is used in various applications across multiple industries, including aerospace, automotive, and manufacturing. Some critical uses of SLS technology are:

  • For creating durable prototype and production parts
  • Ideal for functional proof-of-concept
  • Aerospace parts and ducting
  • For creating jigs and fixtures
  • For casting patterns

SLS 3D Printing Materials

Nylon is the most used SLS material as it offers superior flexibility for functional prototyping. Nylon parts are durable, stiffer with higher impact resistance. Other plastic-based widely-used materials with this technology are

  • PA12
  • Flexible PEBA 2301 Plastics
  • Glass Filled Nylon PA3200
  • PA 11
  • PA6

with these materials, SLS can also print with ceramics, glass, and composite material powders. Along with KARV Automation’s 45+ industry-grade materials, if your project requires custom materials, we can arrange them without any MOQ.

How SLS 3D Printing Works

SLS technology 3d printing is highly accurate, fast, and can print intricate geometries in shorter lead times.

Designing CAD File

The process starts with creating a product design. Once the design is ready, it’s exported into a 3d CAD file either in STL or OBJ. Next, the 3d file goes into slicing software to slice the design and make it readable to the 3d printer.

Printing Process

The SLS printer scatters the material powder in a thin layer, and the printer preheats the powder near its melting temperature. Next, the printer’s laser fuses the powder particles to form a solid base, and the platform gets lower to build a new layer. This process continues until the design is completed.

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As this process doesn’t require structural support, the post-processing becomes faster, and the materials can also be reused.

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Why Choose SLS?

From preparing robust prototypes, or mass manufacturing, SLS offers higher speed printing that reduces the time to market. It’s an excellent cost-effective method that allows you to focus on quality and functionality.

Support-Free Functioning

SLS 3d printing doesn’t require additional support to execute printing jobs regardless of geometric complexities.

Mass Production

This technology can print hundreds and even thousands of parts in a single print job, making it more efficient for multiple industries.

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Design Flexibility

Compared to other processes, the design flexibility is significantly higher and allows engineers to bring drastic product improvements.

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SLS 3D Printing Applications

  • Aerospace hardware manufacturing
  • Medical and healthcare custom equipment
  • Creating wind-tunnel test models
  • Robust design evaluation models
  • For manufacturing electronic components

Advantages of SLS

  • Higher-strength and durability
  • Prints high-quality geometries
  • Faster turnaround time
  • Excellent mechanical properties
  • Supports a variety of materials

On-Demand SLS 3D Printing Service

Be it SLS rapid prototyping or mass product manufacturing, KARV Automation offers on-demand SLS services to meet your every product requirement. With years of experience in additive manufacturing and modern equipment, we've got you covered. With the availability of 45+ industry-grade materials, KARV Automation offers you the best online plastic 3d printing. Get ahead of the curve by uploading a 3D file and receive an accurate quote from our experts.

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