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3D CAD Design Services

KARV Automation is a pioneer industrial product designing company that offers on-demand CAD drafting services across industries to deliver excellence. We are an innovative company, and our engineers can draft complex geometries to push the boundaries of innovation. KARV Automation is a full-fledged CAD modeling and reverse engineering innovative hub offering high-accuracy product development.

We offer our on-demand CAD design service worldwide to help you get started. Regardless of industries, KARV Automation offers you state-of-the-art bespoke industrial designing services to grow your business. Our experienced team is equipped with the latest software to accomplish every complex geometry.

Advantages of CAD

  • CAD designing process saves significant time
  • It increases productivity
  • CAD offers higher accuracy and reduced errors

Top-Notch CAD Design Services from KARV Automation

CAD accelerates the entire product designing cycle with its advanced capabilities of better visualization and accurate product drafting. Be it 2d to 3d conversion or robust 3d modeling of a prototype; KARV Automation offers proficient industrial CAD outsourcing and reverse engineering services to cater to all industrial requirements. We offer a wide range of mechanical configuration CAD services that include:

  • Conceptual Design
  • Jigs and Fixture Design
  • Technical Publications
  • Heating Systems Designs
  • Product Design Development
  • Components/Parts Design Development
  • Machine, Tools Design
  • CAE – Static & Dynamic Analysis

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  • Cooling Systems Design
  • Medical Machinery Design
  • Pumps, Compressors & Turbines Design
  • Vacuum Systems Design

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Applications of CAD

Solid Modelling

Solid modeling is the process of manufacturing solid components by cutting and assembling various solid volumes. CAD helps with effective model designing & higher accuracy.

Surface Modelling

CAD drawing service are ideal for creating surfaces of bespoke shapes using various techniques, including trimming, stitching, and combining multiple surfaces.


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CAD is a robust tool to execute the assembly phase of the product. In this process, engineers use CAD to observe the actual fitment and working.


CAD drafting services are ideal for preparing highly accurate manufacturing drawings and assembly drawings with intricate details.

3D Modeling

CAD lets design engineers produce a high-quality 3d digital representation of any physical object or surface. 3D modeling is ideal for character animation and special effects.

2D To 3D Conversion

CAD helps engineers to transform any 2d design which is flat into 3d forms. These 3D formats are then used.


Rendering is a powerful CAD application that eases the final product’s visualization before the actual production through images is done. It is useful for the product’s technical design approval.

CAE Services – Analysis And Simulation (FEA)

Finite element analysis is a vital process that simulates the exact behavior of an object under certain given conditions. Some of the common processes are structural, thermal, and fatigue.

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CAD Designing Services

Industries We Serve

Medical Industry

Mining industry

Manufacturing Industry

Consumer Appliances Industry

What is Reverse Engineering & How Does It Work?

Reverse engineering is a vital 3d scanning application utilized to regenerate the object’s digital information that doesn’t have drawings or CAD files. It is an ideal process for reproducing damaged spare parts in a shorter turnaround.

In reverse engineering, a couple of scanning equipment and coordinate measurement machines are used in collecting the data. First, the data is collected using industrial laser scanners and other equipment. Once the data is gathered in point cloud information, engineers use it to create a CAD file. With our industrial-grade equipment, we deliver accuracy up to +/-0.04mm.

KARV Automation offers professional reverse engineering services to boost product redesigning work with a shorter lead time.

What is FEA? How Does It Work?

FEA analysis is an advanced process of simulating an assembly’s exact behavior or an object under certain given conditions. Finite element analysis services are used for predicting how the new product will react to real-world elements. We offer a complete range of FEA consulting services across industries. Our services include:

  • Structural
  • Thermal
  • Fatigue
  • Stress analysis
  • Pressure analysis on the fluid-carrying structure

KARV Automation helps design engineers to pace up the product analysis process and optimize the design process with higher accuracy.

Benefits of Finite Element Analysis

Detailed Operational Approach

This process lets engineers have very sheer control over the operation. It delivers detailed results for design & rendering covering all intricate details.

Higher Reliability In Complex Operations

When dealing with the simulation of complex operations, this process remains stable even when heavy loads are involved.

Optimal Management

Complex projects are easier to manage with finite element analysis. It offers greater optimal management for operational processes and the models.

Why KARV Automation for Advanced CAD Services?

KARV Automation is an on-demand manufacturing company offering professional CAD and reverse engineering services worldwide. We are equipped with the latest industrial equipment and software to cater to your every requirement. KARV Automation is known for offering cutting-edge services at affordable pricing. We are committed to providing excellent service with shorter lead times along with higher flexibility. Get in touch with us to know more about how we can help you in industrial design.

  • One-Stop Solution - KARV Automation is the ultimate destination for businesses seeking advanced CAD services. We offer a comprehensive design solution that caters to all your needs; Our team is composed of knowledgeable and experienced professionals who deeply understand the industry—enabling us to deliver exceptional solutions. Our CAD services are designed to help you streamline your design process, reduce costs and improve efficiency. Whether you need 2D drafting, 3D modelling or product design services, we have the expertise to deliver top-notch solutions that meet your unique requirements.
  • Worldwide Delivery - KARV Automation proudly offers a worldwide delivery for our advanced CAD and reverse engineering services. At our core, we prioritize providing unparalleled services to our global clients, and our team of experts works tirelessly towards achieving this goal. Whether you're located in Europe, Asia, or America, we can deliver your design projects with ease and efficiency. Recognizing the importance of timely delivery to our client's success, we have invested significantly in cutting-edge technology and logistics infrastructure to ensure the prompt and flawless delivery of your projects.
  • Latest Industrial Equipment & Software - At KARV Automation, we understand that access to the latest industrial equipment and software is the key to delivering exceptional CAD and reverse engineering services. We have substantially invested in state-of-the-art technology to offer our clients the most optimal and innovative solutions. Our equipment includes state-of-the-art 3D scanning and printing technology, high-precision CNC machines, and advanced SolidWorks, CATIA, and Autodesk software. Our team of experts undergoes rigorous training in utilizing this equipment, enabling them to deliver exceptional results that align with our client's specific needs. Our dedication to keeping pace with technology ensures that we remain at the forefront of our industry.

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  • Affordable Pricing - At KARV Automation, every business deserves affordable access to high-quality CAD and reverse engineering services. We maintain transparency in our pricing and collaborate closely with our clients to create tailored packages that satisfy their specific needs while adhering to their financial constraints. We never compromise on quality, and our affordable pricing options ensure that businesses of all sizes benefit from our exceptional CAD and reverse engineering services.
  • Shorter Lead Times - We offer shorter lead times for our CAD and reverse engineering services. Our team of experts works efficiently to deliver projects within the shortest possible time frame without compromising quality. We utilize advanced technology and streamlined processes to ensure our clients receive their designs promptly. Our short lead times allow businesses to reduce downtime, speed up their product development cycle, and gain a competitive edge in the market. We're committed to providing our clients with fast turnaround times without sacrificing quality.

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