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Welcome to KARV Automation

Fabrication Services

KARV Automation is a professional and a leading manufacturer offering cost-effective and high-customized fabrication services. Our experienced team of engineers brings on-demand solutions for your all manufacturing requirements. We are catering to the custom fabrication demands of our commercial and industrial clients. From low-volume prototype manufacturing to bulk industrial fabrication, we have got you covered. We offer our on-shore and off-shore services worldwide with shorter lead times.

We leverage advanced fabrication methods to assure the highest product quality. KARV Automation covers 40+ industrial-grade materials to meet your every fabrication requirement with excellence.

Our Robust Capabilities

Be it plastic fabrication or steel fabrication process; we strive to achieve the highest quality with our robust capabilities that include:

Dimensional Accuracy

At KARV Automation, you can expect higher dimensional accuracy always to receive the best fabrication results regardless of the material.

Available Materials

Our engineers can work efficiently with a wide range of materials including, plastic, mild steel, stainless steel, structural steel, aluminium fabrication, and many more.

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Variety of Finishes

We offer a comprehensive range of fabrication finishes for multiple metals. Some of the most employed finishes at KARV Automation are anodizing tar finish, galvanizing, sandblasting, powder coating, and many more.

Standard Delivery Time

We assure you of a faster standard delivery time for your project. Our team strives to deliver end products in a shorter turnaround.

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KARV Automation fabrication service capabilities
Punching stamping folding

What is Fabrication & Why is it Used?

Metal fabrication is a method of manufacturing final products using raw materials rather than using ready-to-use components. It is a process of manufacturing an end product from scratch utilizing various techniques.
Fabrication is utilized to produce both stock and custom-design products from various commonly employed plastic and metal materials.

Types of Fabrication Techniques

Several types of fabrication techniques are present that are used for specific purposes. Some of the standard techniques at KARV Automation that we use for plastic, metal, and custom metal fabrication are:


Cutting is among the most common fabrication techniques, and there are several ways to perform it. Some of the widely-employed methods are plasma torches, saw, laser, water jets, and more.


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This process is used to remove parts from a metal block, and engineers use lathe machines to perform machining.


The welding process involves combining two separate metal parts together. The parts can be sheers, bars, sheets, and more. This process is widely used in multiple manufacturing industries.


In the punching process, holes are created in a metal block. It involves placing the metal under the die and it’s submitted to a punch-through using a drill.


Stamping is used to raise a particular part of the metal sheet without penetrating it. This process is used to create letters, images, shapes, and more within the metal sheet or block.


Folding is among the widely-used sheet metal fabrication techniques in which the metal surface is manipulated to shapes at a specific angle. It is used to fold the metal surface at a 90-degree angle.


Sheering is a proficient steel fabrication process used when engineers need long cuts on metal sheets. This fabrication process is used to trim the metal sheet edges with higher accuracy.

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cutting machining welding
Sheet Metal Fabrication

What Is Sheet Metal Fabrication & How it works?

This fabrication process is used to turn flat metal sheets into custom structures and geometries using cutting, punching, folding, and assembling. Sheet metal fabrication working involves cutting and burning the metal into the required shape.

Advantages & Applications of Sheet Metal Fabrication

  • High strength relationship
  • Low weight and thinness
  • Improved manufacturing quality
  • Higher durability and malleability
  • Easy to operate process

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  • For manufacturing filing cabinets
  • Cross-sections and I beams
  • Agriculture equipment
  • Car exhaust systems
  • For producing storage tanks, valves, pipes

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What is Plastic Fabrication & How it Works?

Plastic fabrication is used to design, produce and assemble plastic products using several manufacturing processes. It includes a wide variety of welding, blending, lamination, and many more methods to make the final product.

Advantages & Applications of Plastic Fabrication

  • Higher manufacturing efficiency
  • Cost-effective fabrication process
  • Easier to produce complex designs
  • Greater flexibility in personalization
  • Reduced material wastage

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  • Manufacturing food containers
  • In the medical and pharmaceutical industry
  • Producing doors and windows parts
  • In the construction industry
  • Affordable prototypes

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Plastic Fabrication
Steel Fabrication

What is Steel Fabrication & How it Works?

In the steel fabrication process, engineers take different raw materials and turn them into desired shape and geometry. Steel fabrication working is also similar to many other methods in which the raw materials are first melted down and then mixed into steel to create the final product.

Advantages & Applications of Steel Fabrication

  • Higher-strength and endurance
  • Cost-effective than other methods
  • Steep fabrication offers greater adaptability
  • Suitable for high-pressure applications
  • Highly ductile and malleable to handle

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  • In the construction of steel beams
  • In the aerospace industry
  • Manufacturing of mining rails, beams, rods, and more
  • Turbine components production
  • Production of ship equipment

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What is Digital Fabrication & How it Works?

Digital fabrication is an enhanced version of the traditional method, which uses advanced computer software to design products with higher accuracy. In this process, engineers utilize tools like CAD to design complex products. In digital fabrication, multiple software packages are available to build digitally fabricated models.

Advantages & Applications of Digital Fabrication

  • Efficient in producing identical products without error
  • Better personalization
  • Higher accuracy in designing complex geometry
  • Must faster than traditional processes
  • Minimum human intervention

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  • In the manufacturing of complex automotive parts
  • In the construction industry
  • For producing personalized geometries
  • Low-cost rapid prototyping
  • Small-batch production

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Digital Fabrication

Why Outsource with KARV?

Outsource your complete manufacturing specifications to KARV Automation for high-standard product quality at a reduced cost. KARV Automation has full-fledged setups globally and we can manufacture from India and China as well. When you are with KARV, you don’t have to worry about project delivery and quality. KARV holds the entire responsibility of your project till the delivery. Get in touch with KARV Automation for advanced plastic and metal fabrication services to boost your manufacturing business. Our team is highly experienced in catering to your all-bespoke requirements with perfection.

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