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Outsourcing Vacuum Casting Service India

Step into the world of KARV's Outsourcing Vacuum Casting Service in India, where precision manufacturing meets unparalleled excellence. Get yourself into a streamlined outsourcing journey as our cutting-edge manufacturing units in India redefine the standards for vacuum casting operations. Partnering strategically with industry-leading material suppliers and manufacturers, we bring you an expansive array of production services, spanning across a diverse range of materials.

At KARV, our commitment to quality and efficiency takes center stage, ensuring that your projects unfold with meticulous precision and reach you right on schedule. Whether you're envisioning small-scale prototypes or gearing up for large-scale production, our adept team is primed and ready to cater to your every demand. It's not just a service; it's an experience—a harmonious blend of state-of-the-art technology, masterful craftsmanship, and an extensive portfolio of materials.

Capabilities/Technical Specifications


Experience the epitome of accuracy with KARV's vacuum casting service, setting the gold standard in industry precision. Our cutting-edge technology guarantees the faithful reproduction of intricate details, surpassing even the most stringent specifications for your projects.

Minimum Wall Thickness

Unlock unparalleled design possibilities with KARV's proficiency in achieving minimal wall thickness. Our vacuum casting process excels in bringing to life the most intricate geometries, ensuring your components not only meet but exceed the desired specifications, providing you with superior design flexibility.

Maximum Part Size

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From diminutive prototypes to expansive production pieces, KARV's capabilities are tailored to accommodate a diverse spectrum of part sizes. Our state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities in India are poised to handle projects of varying scales, executing them with efficiency and precision.

Quantity Throughput

Whether you're in need of a small batch or high-volume production, KARV's streamlined processes and strategic alliances facilitate a seamless quantity throughput. Anticipate reliable and scalable solutions meticulously customized to meet the specific demands of your project, ensuring swift and efficient production.

Exquisite Surface Finish

Elevate the visual allure of your products with our unrivaled surface finishing. At KARV, we prioritize quality, delivering components adorned with flawlessly smooth surfaces and intricate details. Rest assured, your final product will exude a level of professionalism and polish that sets it apart.

Standard Delivery Time

Embark on your project journey with confidence, assured by KARV's commitment to prompt service. Recognizing the significance of timely delivery, we adhere rigorously to industry standards, ensuring your products reach you within the stipulated time frame, every time.

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Vacuum Casting Service
Vacuum Casting High Precision Aluminium Rubber and Plastic Automotive Part

Vacuum Casting Materials Available at KARV Automation

Explore a diverse range of materials at KARV Automation for your vacuum casting needs, providing the flexibility to scale your production seamlessly. We offer a variety of thermoplastics and thermoset plastics to meet your specific requirements. Some of our popular materials include:

  • Polyethylene: Versatile and widely used, polyethylene offers durability and flexibility, making it suitable for a broad range of applications.
  • Polypropylene: Known for its excellent chemical resistance and structural integrity, polypropylene is an ideal choice for components requiring robust performance.
  • PVC: With its outstanding electrical insulating properties, PVC is a go-to material for applications demanding reliable electrical insulation and corrosion resistance.
  • Epoxy Resin: Opt for epoxy resin when precision and high-strength components are paramount. This material excels in applications requiring exceptional mechanical properties.
  • Silicone Rubber: For projects demanding flexibility, heat resistance, and biocompatibility, silicone rubber is a preferred choice, catering to a wide array of industrial and medical applications.

Choose from a spectrum of materials at KARV Automation to elevate your Vacuum Casting projects.

Industries We Serve


KARV Automation takes the driver's seat in revolutionizing the automotive industry, offering an array of components and prototypes that redefine vehicle manufacturing. Our Vacuum Casting services stand as a testament to unparalleled quality and precision, shaping dashboard elements, engine components, and exterior design prototypes with finesse.


In the vast expanse of the aerospace sector, we soar high, delivering specialized components celebrated for their precision and durability. KARV Automation's Vacuum Casting services are instrumental in crafting critical aerospace parts, from interior components to prototype testing models and lightweight structural elements that embody resilience.

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At the forefront of defense, KARV Automation plays a pivotal role, supplying components that surpass stringent standards. From crafting prototypes to engineering specialized casings, we contribute essential components crucial for defense applications, ensuring reliability and precision in every facet.


Supporting the mining industry's demands, our Vacuum Casting services forge durable and wear-resistant components. From the genesis of prototypes to the manufacturing of robust parts, we bolster the efficiency and reliability of mining equipment. Specialized gears, casings, and structural components emerge as stalwarts in the mining landscape, embodying durability.


In the healthcare realm, precision takes center stage. KARV Automation manufactures medical prototypes and components, propelling advancements in healthcare technology. Intricate parts for medical devices, diagnostic equipment, and patient care tools materialize with compliance to industry standards, fostering breakthroughs in healthcare.


For visionary architectural projects, our Vacuum Casting services unfold a realm of possibilities. From intricate design elements to functional architectural models, we contribute to breathing life into creative concepts in the construction and design industry, offering flexibility in every detail.

Food and Beverage

In the meticulous world of food and beverage, we uphold components that adhere to rigorous hygiene and safety standards. Our expertise extends to manufacturing prototypes for packaging, production line components, and specialized parts vital for preserving the integrity of food and beverage processing equipment.

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Vacuum Casting Part

What is Polyurethane Vacuum Casting?

Polyurethane vacuum casting, also referred to as urethane casting, stands out as an advanced method in the realms of rapid prototyping and low-volume production. This innovative technique specializes in crafting top-tier replicas of prototypes or production-ready components, especially excelling in the production of small to medium quantities of intricate parts with diverse materials.

How Does the Polyurethane Vacuum Casting Process Unfold?

1. Initiating with Master Pattern Development: The journey commences with the meticulous creation of a master pattern or prototype. Various methodologies such as 3D printing, CNC machining, or traditional model-making techniques can be employed to bring this master pattern to life.

2. Mold Creation: Following this, a silicone mold envelops the master pattern, adeptly capturing every nuanced detail of the original model.

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3. Vacuum Casting Stage: Once the mold is perfected, it undergoes sealing, and liquid polyurethane or another casting material is delicately poured into it. The mold is then placed within a vacuum chamber, orchestrating the removal of air bubbles from the material, ensuring a flawless replication of the master pattern.

4. Curing: The cast material is then left to undergo curing and hardening within the mold, culminating in the creation of a meticulous and precise replica of the original model.

>5. Demolding: Upon the complete curing of the material, the mold is unsealed, revealing the cast part that is delicately extracted. Importantly, the mold is designed for reuse, facilitating multiple casting cycles.

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Benefits of Vacuum Casting

High-Quality Replicas

Vacuum casting is distinguished by its capacity to produce parts with an outstanding surface finish and intricate details, rendering it a perfect choice for crafting prototypes and production-grade components.

Material Variety

The technique allows for the utilization of an extensive array of casting materials, including polyurethane, silicone rubber, and more. This versatility enables the simulation of properties akin to those found in production-grade materials.

Cost-Efficient Prototyping

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A notable benefit surfaces in the cost-effectiveness of vacuum mold casting, offering an economical avenue for the creation of small batches of prototypes or end-use parts, alleviating the burden of high tooling costs associated with mass production processes.

Rapid Turnaround Time

Polyurethane vacuum casting is synonymous with rapid prototyping and short production runs, heralding a reduction in time-to-market for new products.

Ideal for Complex Geometries

This technique emerges as the go-to for parts characterized by intricate geometries, undercuts, and complex details that might pose challenges for alternative manufacturing processes.

Versatility Across Industries

Embodying a truly versatile solution, vacuum casting finds application across an array of industries, spanning automotive, aerospace, healthcare, and beyond. Its adaptability positions it as a compelling choice for diverse applications in the modern landscape.

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Why Choose KARV for Outsourcing Vacuum Casting Service in India?

Comprehensive All-in-One Solution

Experience the seamless efficiency of KARV's process. We provide an all-inclusive solution for vacuum casting, covering every aspect from the initial design consultation to the production of top-notch components. Our end-to-end services ensure that your project smoothly navigates every stage, streamlining complexities and conserving your valuable time and resources.

Dedication to Cutting-Edge Technology

At the core of our success is our commitment to utilizing the latest industrial equipment and software. KARV leverages cutting-edge technology to guarantee that your projects benefit from the utmost precision and quality. Our continual investment in technology places us at the forefront of the industry, empowering us to meet the ever-changing demands of our clients with efficiency and innovation.

Proficient Engineering Team

Entrust your projects to our team of seasoned professionals. As one of the best vacuum casting companies in India, KARV boasts a proficient engineering team devoted to transforming your concepts into reality. From optimizing designs to selecting materials, our experts bring a wealth of knowledge to the table, ensuring that your components are not only expertly crafted but also optimized for performance and functionality.

Competitive and Transparent Pricing

Cost-effectiveness is at the core of our service philosophy. KARV understands the significance of budget considerations in manufacturing. We offer pricing that is both competitive and transparent for our vacuum casting services in India, guaranteeing that you receive exceptional value without compromising on the quality of the final product. Our commitment to fair and transparent pricing underscores our dedication to establishing enduring partnerships built on trust and mutual success.

Reduced Lead Times

Time is of the essence in today's fast-paced business landscape. KARV excels in delivering shorter lead times without sacrificing the precision and quality of your products. Our agile processes and efficient workflow management ensure that your projects are delivered promptly, meeting your deadlines with precision and reliability.

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