Managed IT Services & IT Solutions

KARV Automation’s managed IT services are an ideal approach to ensuring your corporate IT needs are met. You have access to skilled specialists within a cost-effective framework, allowing you to concentrate on your business while handing IT services to our dedicated team of experts. Our Managed IT Services include Break-Fix IT Helpdesk and Support, and they can be customized to cover IT strategy and planning compliance, global technical solutions, governance, and advanced cybersecurity in addition to planned maintenance and basic cybersecurity.

An IT Managed Service Usually Consists of Four Basic Parts

Moves, Adds, And Changes (MAC) Process

Every company and organization needs to set up new users, delete departing users, and modify user profiles, applications, emails, etc. A significant portion of what we do every day involves moves, additions, and changes, and our friendly crew is quite skilled at offering this crucial service.

Break-Fix Assistance

The obvious reality is that technology will eventually malfunction. There will be problems in the IT infrastructure, whether they are caused by an account being locked out, aging hardware, application integration problems, operating system problems, or pretty much anything else that is software- or hardware-driven. Your IT team must act immediately and find a solution to the problem because IT problems can be inconvenient and result in downtime, inefficiency, and reputational damage.

Proactive Maintenance

Server maintenance and desktop maintenance are its two subtypes. Retaining existing service and security updates, as well as monitoring backups, server stability, event viewers, hardware status, and proactive fault identification, are all included in server maintenance. However, desktop maintenance involves reviewing the hardware condition, event viewers, and desktop health as well as keeping up with the most recent service and safety patches for desktops.

IT Consultation

Our staff becomes your trusted IT partner, and we learn to comprehend what motivates your organization and your ambitions for IT. Our staff is then able to offer guidance and suggestions on technology solutions to help businesses achieve their goals, enhance security and governance, increase productivity, and lessen ongoing problems. Our managed IT service contracts give our clients access to an enterprise-level IT department’s expertise at a scaled price to fit their needs.

Information Technology Services and Support We Offer

IT Support

IT support is an essential component of all business IT services, but it is particularly crucial for companies in Melbourne’s Architecture, Engineering, and Construction (AEC) sector. This is due to the fact that AEC companies frequently depend on technology for day-to-day operations. We can guarantee you IT support, as we are a top-notch Melbourne-based company that specializes in offering services to AEC organizations. We are able to provide support that is tailored to the particular demands of firms in this sector since we are aware of those needs.

Cloud Computing

Cloud architecture can be inherently complex, involving elements that your internal IT solution or staff may not have the knowledge and experience to deliver successfully. In fact, businesses must be flexible and enable remote working for their employees. Users can connect to the cloud server and work from any location using our cloud computing services. To meet your demands, we offer a variety of cloud computing plans.

Artificial Intelligence

IT Companies will need to look beyond automation in order to realize meaningful financial gains from their equipment—and should instead concentrate on organizational transformation and learning. Our IT consulting team and industry professionals make sure that clients have access to the full spectrum of knowledge needed to spearhead a corporate transformation and realize ROI on Artificial Intelligence.

Digital Asset Management

Digital assets have emerged as a new force in the architecture, engineering, and construction sectors, increasing labor productivity, cost savings, and environmental sustainability. Digital Asset Management will examine your operations and assets and create a realistic implementation strategy that will result in cost reductions and sustainable environmental gains. Get in touch with us right away to speak with our experts in the digital asset management system and start promoting cost savings, environmental sustainability, and transparency.

Data Management

Any business must maintain the availability and integrity of complex data in data centers for analytics and dashboards. Data governance, which includes metadata management, database management, data cataloging, and data quality management, is the first step in creating a pipeline for high-quality data. We strictly adhere to the data quality control approach. High-quality data pipelines and prompt reporting will be produced through our approach to data availability and quality, which is based on Agile principles and co-located teams.

The Process of IT Services and Support That We Follow

Step 1 - Evaluate

We advise scheduling a free, 1-hour assessment to go over and evaluate your existing IT problems and how we may help in providing our IT support and services.

Step 2 - Guidance

We will examine your current network and systems in light of your assessment and provide you guidance on a technological roadmap to help you achieve where you want to go.

Step 3 - Audit

We audit your complete network, including the PCs, servers, software, manuals, and website, looking for security flaws or potential areas for development.

Step 4 - Incorporate

This is where we put all of the solutions that have been suggested into action for your company based on the earlier assessments and audits.

Step 5 - Manage

It's time to manage and modify your solutions now that we've put them into action. Things could change as you mature, so it's crucial to assess IT.

Why Choose KARV for IT Services?

Professional Team of Experts: You have access to a competent, experienced, and diversified team of technology professionals when you work with KARV. Our staff of knowledgeable IT service management experts is accessible around the clock to assist you whenever you need it. We are here to assist you in finding a rapid resolution to your problems because we recognize that anything can occur at any time.

Ideal Service: We use cutting-edge and smart products and solutions to solve problems for our clients. Since we are brand agnostic, we search for the ideal product and service to match the needs and strategy of our clients.

Cost-Efficient: We provide you with a fixed price estimate for your project once the deliverables have been defined and agreed upon. We will complete the project as promised, and only changes to the scope that is beyond our control will result in a chargeable price modification.

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