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KARV Automation is an innovative company offering on-demand Industry 4.0 3D design and additive manufacturing solutions. We aim to seamlessly help clients with their complex design and manufacturing challenges that they face in their everyday business. KARV Automation helps them understand how we can support them in upgrading their technologies to meet Industry 4.0 standards.

Our team is fully-equipped with modern machines and software that let us design, test, and build custom designs in no time to reduce lead times. With our platform, customers can get instant quotations, expected lead times and feedback on the go.

Established in 2021, we offer rapid production to cater to your all requirements. From prototyping to mass manufacturing, we deliver quality products at affordable costs. We are a full-manufacturing company that offers services worldwide. From product development to fundraising and packaging, we offer all manufacturing solutions to scale your business. As we have our workshops worldwide, we offer both on-shore and off-shore manufacturing to fulfil your every requirement.

Our Services

Whether you need functional prototypes or robust batch production, we cater to the complete product life cycle and cover every vital aspect. Our services include:

Industrial 3D Printing​

Our experienced engineers leverage modern additive manufacturing technologies to offer advanced industrial 3d printing services. With the support of 40+ materials, we offer high precision 3D printing up to +/-0.1mm accuracy. We can 3d print industrial design up to size of 1.8 meters in a wide range of materials in polymers and metals. You only need to upload the 3D file and get an instant quote from our engineers to speed up the process. Experience industry-grade 3d production for your business.

CAD Modelling 3D Scanning

3D Designing​​

We take your product designing to the next level with our advanced 3D designing & FEA analysis services. From product design development to design dynamic analysis and reverse engineering tools, we have you covered. Our team is equipped with advanced 3d designing software and 3d scanning tools to accomplish all your tasks. We offer the best 3d designing and CAD outsourcing services globally to help you scale up your production speed.

CNC machining services​​​​

Avail the best CNC service for prototyping as well as for mass manufacturing with a shorter lead time. We also offer CNC machining plastic materials along with metal without any MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity). With the availability of 50+ materials for machining, we can craft any of your complex requirements. Our in-house workshop is equipped with 3, 5, and 7 axis CNC machines for the highest product quality. Using our high precision CNC machining, we manufacture products with maximum dimensions of 12000x800x800mm. We also offer a wide variety of post-processing options.

Laser Cutting

Laser Cutting Services​​​​

Laser cutting is a high-performance profiling process that utilizes a strong high-power laser through optics to cut the material. It is a more precise method that consumes less energy and delivers good quality finishing.

We offer laser cutting for all materials including sheet metal aluminium, copper, acrylic and steel. With our advanced laser cutting equipment, we offer accuracy up to +/- 0.010. Laser cutting is ideal for both fast prototyping and high-volume production. We offer various surface finishes including standard, bead blast, anodized, powder coat and more.

Vacuum Casting

Vacuum casting services are ideal for small to medium batch production in a cost-effective manner. We offer vacuum casting services in more than 40 materials. From high thermal resistance to stress resistance and rubber-like materials, we offer all kinds of materials. With an accuracy up to +/-0.1, we can produce parts up to 2.5 meter in length. We also have injection molding grade materials available in VC that has similar material properties and delivers high-quality surface finish like injection moulding.

Vacuum Casting Service

Injection Molding

Injection molding is an ideal process for mass manufacturing. We offer all types of different injection molding services with the support of a wide range of industrial-grade materials. Our in-house workshop is equipped with high-precision machines that deliver accuracy up to +/-0.1mm. With the support of advanced machines, we can achieve different types of surface finishes including patterned, matte, smooth, and more. For the tooling process, we bring in different industrial grades of materials to cater to your every requirement.

Extrusion Services​​

Extrusion is a widely-employed metal or plastic objects forming method in which the workpiece is fed to flow with a die to reduce the cross-section or to convert it into the desired shape. We offer all types of extrusion processes including cold extrusion, hot extrusion, direct extrusion and indirect extrusion.

Fabrication Services

Our plastic and metal fabrication process cover both low-volume and high-volume production. We offer all types of fabrication services including cutting, bending, assembly, and welding. Our engineers offer a variety of surface finishing including bead blast, chem film, powder coating, anodizing, and more. Along with plastic fabrication, we also offer digital fabrication, sheet metal, and steel fabrication.

Surface Finishing

KARV offers different types of post-processing options to accomplish your desired surface finishing. Our post-processing surface finishing includes:

  • Painting
  • Anodizing
  • Polishing
  • Sanding
  • Etching
  • Chrome Plating and many more

Start with KARV Automation Now

KARV is a performance-driven and professional manufacturing company and we are committed to offering high-quality services to boost your business. Contact us and get started with KARV Automation today. Outsource your manufacturing requirements to KARV Automation for superior product quality at a reduced cost. KARV Automation has full-fledged setups globally and we can manufacture from India and China as well. When you are with KARV, you don’t have to worry about project delivery and quality. KARV holds the entire responsibility of your project till the delivery.