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Robust DMLS 3D Printing

Direct metal laser sintering or DMLS is a popular metal 3d printing method that engineers use for both mass production & rapid prototyping. A significant advantage of DMLS is that you can combine various materials to get the desired finish. KARV Automation offers full-fledged and on-demand metal additive manufacturing to meet your every production goal with DMLS.

What Is DMLS?

Direct metal printing is a modern additive manufacturing method that uses laser powder bed fusion to create accurate geometries. The DMLS method uses a powerful laser to melt and fuse the metal powder layers. This technology can build fully functional prototypes in a shorter turnaround time.
DMLS printing is ideal for creating detailed medical guides, gas components, aerospace parts, and robust functional prototypes. Compared to other technologies, DMLS parts are denser and more durable to withstand several outdoor and indoor conditions.

How Does the DMLS Process Work?


First, the design is prepared using a 3d CAD software, and then the model is sliced to make it compatible with the printer.


To initiate printing, the printer hopper is filled with the required metal powder. The DMLS printer then heats the powder to nearly the sintering range of the alloy. After this, the printer starts dispensing thin layers of metal powder.
At the same time, the laser starts sintering the metal powder to solidify the structure. This process continues until the complete design is completed.

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Once the object is made, it’s left to cool, and support structures are removed to perform the required post-processing. Depending on the desired surface finish, the post-processing method varies.

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Why Choose DMLS For Your 3D Printing Project?

KARV Automation offers fully customized DMLS additive manufacturing to accelerate your production. This metal printing technology provides you with several competitive advantages.

  • It’s ideal for producing high-quality metal parts with intricate details.
  • DMLS can create light-weight parts ideal for the aerospace industry.
  • Faster consolidation of parts to reduce the time to market.
  • Ideal method for quick functionality testing.

Leveraging DMLS technology, we simplify several complex manufacturing methods to offer you speed.

DMLS Metal 3D Printing Materials

There is a wide range of direct metal 3d printing materials available at KARV Automation so that you can achieve the desired mechanical & functional properties. Below are some popular materials available for this 3D printing process:

  • Titanium
  • Stainless Steel 17-4 PH
  • Stainless Steel 316L
  • Aluminium AlSi10Mg
  • Nickel Alloy 625
  • Nickel Alloy 718
  • Inconel 718

KARV Automation can also arrange custom materials for additive manufacturing operations without an MOQ.

What is Metal 3D Printing Used For?

DMLS is a popular industrial 3D printing process that is ideal for a variety of complex applications. For example, the aerospace industry uses this method to produce mountings, fixtures, air ducts, and more. On the other hand, this technology is a boon for the medical industry as it offers an excellent level of personalization for making implants and prosthetics. In addition, the automotive industry uses this method to manufacture various components like bracketing, rotors, and impellers.

Applications of DMLS

  • For preparing medical instruments & surgical implants
  • Creating functional prototypes
  • Production of complex automotive components
  • It’s ideal for creating light-weight aircraft parts and more

Contact KARV Automation to uplift your industrial manufacturing process using DMLS metal printing. We offer highly scalable and on-demand manufacturing solutions.


On-Demand DMLS 3D Printing Service

KARV Automation is a leading direct metal manufacturing service provider that covers all your requirements with a shorter turnaround time. With modern in-house 3d printers and advanced software, we help you grow the production seamlessly. Be it a single functional prototype or mass production, our on-demand DMLS manufacturing services have got you covered. With a wide range of 45+ industry-grade materials, get started with us and turn your idea into a robust product. Not sure where to begin? Get in touch with us and receive an instant quote for your project with accurate estimates.

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