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KARV offers our digital manufacturing services, including 3d printing solutions worldwide. We offer both on-shore and off-shore services globally to boost your business. Be it manufacturing or CAD outsourcing services; you get everything under one roof.


Superior Materials

We have a complete of industrial-grade materials to accomplish your every requirement. With a collection of 40+ materials, we cover all, including plastics, metals, ceramics, and more. Along with this, we can also arrange a custom material without any MOQ.


Instant Quoting

We work on a manufacturing on demand model that makes quotation a matter of minutes. Our instant quoting system, get accurate quotes, DFM feedback, and lead times estimation in a few clicks. Regardless of batch size, enjoy instant quotation with us.


Industry-specific Experience

Our engineers bring years of experience in digital manufacturing and advanced industrial processes, including reverse engineering. With a multi-faceted industry-specific exposure, our team can turn any complex task into reality with ease.


Guaranteed Quality

We are committed to delivering you quality 3d printing and other digital manufacturing services. KARV automation has a dedicated quality assurance team to ensure state-of-the-art quality in every product we provide.


Advanced Solution

Our workshops are equipped with modern 3d print machines and advanced software to deliver excellence — experience 3D on-demand part manufacturing in the shortest lead times with KARV automation.

KARV Automation brings excellence to each offered service across industries. Be it automotive, manufacturing, or consumer retail, we help you take the maximum benefits of the modern technologies. From designing to manufacturing, AR-based marketing and sales, we help you stand apart from the crowd.

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We are a pioneer offering a complete range of industrial manufacturing across all domains to deliver high-quality results — below are our services:


Ebooks By KARV Automation

Robust 3D Printing in Manufacturing

3D printing technology is transforming the manufacturing industry in a 360° manner. From designing to prototyping, and large-scale production, this advancement drives productivity. This technology is changing how the B2B manufacturing domain works. This technology offers higher flexibility and agility across every production stage; it gradually replaces the conventional setups.

ABS-M30 PLASTIC 3d printed parts
3d printing in healthcare industry

3D Printing in The Medical Industry

3D printing is doing a commendable job in the medical industry, and it’s transforming how doctors offer treatment. In addition, this innovative technology is a boon for medical research and development.
In this 3d printing in medical industry free eBook, we will learn how the technology evolves in medical research and procedures to design devices, models, implants, surgical instruments, and other therapeutic products. The market size of 3d printing in the medical domain is $2.4 billion, and it’s expected to touch $5.8 billion by 2030.

KARV's On-demand Manufacturing Services

KARV Automation is an innovative company offering on-demand Industry 4.0 3D designing and additive manufacturing solutions. We provide robust industry and customer-centric services to help you take the lead in this modern disruption. Our sheer aim is to help our clients to tackle their complex design and manufacturing challenges they face every day. From designing to manufacturing, validation and marketing, we have got you covered.

Our in-house workshops worldwide are equipped with modern equipment, and we offer both on-shore and off-shore on-demand manufacturing services. Get started with robust, rapid prototyping and pace-up your manufacturing with us.

We Offer Complete End-To-End Production Solution for Industry 4.0

To help our clients meet Industry 4.0 requirements and thrive online, we cater to them at every development phase. From design to rapid prototyping, manufacturing, post-production, sales &marketing — we execute each step adhering to Industry 4.0 standards.
KARV Automation is empowering companies to shape a better today and tomorrow leveraging the true innovation of 3d printing. We are a full-service digital manufacturing company to accelerate your business growth.

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We believe in empowering every phase of the manufacturing cycle to help you stand apart from others. Transforming from a traditional system to modern disruptive technologies need broad research, strategic planning, and rapid execution. KARV Automation has got everything covered for you.

We are here to help, from defining the design to manufacturing the final product and financing it with strategic sales plans. Our robust marketing & sales teams accelerate your products’ reach using lucrative packaging and digital marketing campaigns. We utilize interactive technologies like augmented reality to ensure your product creates a more significant real market impact.

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KARV Automation is a professional on-demand manufacturing company offering a complete range of industrial manufacturing. We provide worldwide services, and our workshops are equipped with the latest industrial equipment and software. KARV Automation is dedicated to delivering excellent service with shorter leads times. Contact us to know more about our industrial manufacturing services. KARV Automation offers digital manufacturing services to meet your every requirement with perfection. You can either outsource or avail of manufacturing services from your country, and KARV Automation will take full responsibility for your project till the delivery. We have our full-fledged setups globally and we can manufacture from India and China as well.

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