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3D Modelling Services China

Outsourcing 3D Designing Service in China

KARV Automation is your go-to hub for cutting-edge 3D design services in China that take your projects to the next level. Our exceptional outsourcing solutions seamlessly integrate imaginative design concepts with meticulous engineering. Here at KARV, we grasp the ever-evolving dynamics of the Chinese market, specializing in tailoring bespoke 3D designs that precisely align with your business needs.

Our proficient team of specialists is dedicated to turning your visions into breathtaking 3D realities. Whether it's architectural renderings or product prototyping, KARV's outsourcing services empower businesses in various industries to stay ahead in the competitive market. We take pride in delivering top-notch quality, meeting tight deadlines, and building a collaborative partnership with our clients.

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Ready to experience the smooth blend of creativity and functionality? That's what our 3D design service in China is all about. Transform your projects, connect with your audience, and open up a whole bunch of possibilities with our expertise Trust KARV to bring your ideas to life in the dynamic world of 3D innovation.

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Top-Notch CAD Design Services from KARV Automation

At KARV Automation, we are more than just a 3D designing service – we are pioneers in industrial product design, pushing the boundaries of innovation through on-demand CAD services. We're here whenever you need us, with our CAD design services reaching all corners of the globe. We're not just about one industry – we cater to all kinds of businesses, providing custom industrial design services that can really help your business grow.

Our team is made up of seasoned pros armed with the latest software, ready to tackle every tricky geometry with precision and expertise. Our Comprehensive CAD Design Services Include:

We provide a variety of mechanical configuration CAD services, including:

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  • Conceptual Design
  • Crafting Jigs and Fixtures
  • Creating Technical Publications
  • Designing Heating Systems
  • Developing Product Designs
  • Components/Parts Design Development
  • Machine, Tools Design
  • Performing CAE – Static & Dynamic Analysis
  • Cooling Systems Design
  • Designing Medical Machinery
  • Designing Pumps, Compressors, and Turbines
  • Vacuum Systems Design

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3D Designing Service
3D Designing for Automotive Industry

Our 3D Design Services Include

3D Modeling (Image to 3D Conversion)

Turn your ideas into vibrant three-dimensional creations through our advanced 3D modeling services. Either you're starting from scratch or converting images into captivating 3D designs, our talented team breathes life into your concepts with precision and a touch of creativity.


Precision meets expertise in our drafting services. Our thorough approach ensures that every detail is accurately captured, laying a robust foundation for your project. Rely on us for drafting solutions that set a high standard of excellence.

2D to 3D Conversion

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Ready to take your designs to the next level? Our 2D to 3D conversion services are here to make it happen seamlessly. We're like the bridge between two dimensions, adding depth and dimension to your drawings. Let's explore a whole new world of possibilities together.

3D Rendering

Ever wonder what your designs would look like in mind-blowing detail? Our 3D rendering services can show you just that. Our team turns raw models into realistic, high-quality images. Get ready to showcase your projects with clarity and impact like never before.

CAE Services – Analysis and Simulation (FEA)

Ensure the structural integrity and performance of your designs with our Computer-Aided Engineering (CAE) services. Our Finite Element Analysis (FEA) simulations provide valuable insights, guiding you towards optimized and reliable solutions.

3D Texturing

Add depth, realism, and visual appeal to your 3D models with our expert 3D texturing services. Our expert 3D texturing services can bring depth, realism, and visual appeal to your designs. Our artists know how to make your creations visually stunning and immersive.

3D Sculpting

Unleash creativity and bring organic forms to life with our 3D sculpting services. Our sculptors skillfully mold digital clay, crafting intricate and expressive designs that captivate and inspire.

3D Print Design

Prepare your designs for the physical world with our 3D print design services. We optimize models for seamless translation from digital to tangible, ensuring a smooth and successful 3D printing process.

Reverse Engineering

Unlock the potential of existing objects with our reverse engineering services. We meticulously analyze and recreate physical objects in digital form, providing you with accurate and editable models for future innovation.

Industrial and Product Design

From concept to execution, our industrial and product design services offer comprehensive solutions for bringing innovative ideas to market. We blend functionality with aesthetics to create designs that stand out in the competitive landscape.

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Industries We Serve

Automobile Industry

In the high-speed domain of automotive design, our 3D design services are changing the game in crafting intricate components and parts. From precision-engineered engine components to sleek aerodynamic body parts, we're elevating the automotive manufacturing process by delivering cutting-edge 3D models for both prototyping and production.

Medical Industry

Within the medical field, our 3D design services are making strides in fostering breakthrough innovations. We specialize in meticulously crafting intricate designs for medical machinery, implants, and prosthetics. Right from creating anatomical models crucial for surgical planning to developing precise components for medical devices, our designs prioritize accuracy and functionality to meet the rigorous standards of the medical industry.

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Mining Industry

For the mining sector, our 3D design services are pivotal in optimizing equipment and machinery. We're in the business of creating robust and efficient 3D models for mining tools, excavation machinery components, and safety equipment. Our designs emphasize durability and performance, ensuring reliability in the demanding environments of mining operations.

Manufacturing Industry

In the expansive realm of manufacturing, our 3D design expertise covers a broad spectrum of applications. Whether it's conceptualizing and designing efficient production tools or creating detailed components for various manufacturing processes, we're boosting the overall efficiency and productivity of manufacturing operations.

Defence & Aerospace Industry

Precision is non-negotiable in the defense and aerospace sector, and our 3D design services rise to the challenge. We specialize in crafting intricate components for aircraft, missiles, and defense systems. Our designs undergo rigorous analysis, ensuring they meet the stringent requirements of the aerospace and defense industry.

Consumer Appliances Industry

In the consumer appliances sector, our 3D design services are contributing to the development of innovative and user-friendly products. From streamlined product designs to intricate components for appliances, we're all about combining aesthetics with functionality. Our designs enhance the overall consumer experience while complying to industry safety and performance standards.

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CAD Design Drafting Services China
Industrial 3D Designing Service China

What is CAD/3D designing?

CAD (Computer-Aided Design)

CAD, or Computer-Aided Design, is all about using computer technology to create, tweak, analyze, and optimize designs. This tool has become pretty essential in various industries. Designers and engineers love it because it helps them whip up precise and detailed drawings, models, and simulations. The magic happens through specialized software, cooking up both two-dimensional (2D) and three-dimensional (3D) representations of objects or systems. This technology significantly enhances the efficiency, accuracy, and speed of the design process.

3D Designing

3D designing is a subset of CAD that is all about crafting those three-dimensional models of objects or spaces. It's like the next-level version of the traditional 2D design, offering a more immersive and detailed experience. Industries like manufacturing, architecture, product design, and animation are all over it. With 3D designing, designers get to see and analyze their creations in a spiffy three-dimensional space. This makes it easier to share ideas and make smart decisions throughout the design journey.

Applications of CAD

Architecture and Construction

CAD is extensively used in architecture for creating detailed building plans, interior designs, and landscaping layouts. Structural engineers use CAD for designing and analyzing the structural components of buildings.

Manufacturing and Engineering

CAD plays a crucial role in designing and optimizing machinery, tools, and components in the manufacturing industry. Engineers use CAD for product development, prototyping, and simulation before actual production.

Automotive Design

CAD is a cornerstone in the automotive industry, aiding in the design of vehicle components, engines, and entire vehicle structures. It facilitates the creation of detailed 3D models for prototyping and testing.

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Aerospace and Defense

CAD is integral in designing complex components for aircraft, spacecraft, and defense systems. It allows for precise modeling, simulation, and analysis of aerodynamics and structural integrity.

Electronics and Electrical Design

CAD is used in the design of electronic circuits, printed circuit boards (PCBs), and electrical systems. It aids in ensuring optimal layout and connectivity for electronic components.

Medical and Healthcare

CAD is employed in the design of medical devices, prosthetics, and implants. It facilitates the creation of detailed anatomical models for surgical planning.

Entertainment and Animation

CAD is utilized in the creation of 3D models for animation, special effects, and video game design. It enables artists to bring virtual worlds and characters to life with precision and realism.

>Urban Planning and GIS

CAD is applied in urban planning for designing city layouts, infrastructure, and transportation systems. It integrates with Geographic Information Systems (GIS) for spatial analysis and mapping.

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CAD Designing Services China

Why Choose KARV for Outsourcing 3D Designing Services in China?

One-Stop Solution

When it comes to your 3D design needs, KARV Automation has you covered from start to finish. Our skilled team manages every step of the design process, ensuring a smooth blend and a stress-free journey for our clients. Whether it's 3D modeling, drafting, or simulation services you're after, we take a comprehensive approach tailored to meet your unique requirements.

Latest Industrial Equipment & Software

At KARV, we believe in staying at the forefront of technology to deliver high-quality results. Our commitment to excellence is reflected in our use of the latest industrial equipment and cutting-edge software. Equipped with state-of-the-art tools, our team of talented designers and engineers ensures your projects benefit from the most innovative solutions the industry has to offer.

Affordable Pricing

We recognise the significance of cost-effectiveness in outsourcing 3D designing services. KARV Automation is committed to providing pricing that makes sense without compromising on quality. Our transparent pricing structure guarantees you get value for your investment, making us the sensible choice for businesses seeking high-quality 3D design and CAD services in China without breaking the bank.

Shorter Lead Times

Time is of the essence in the fast-paced world of design and manufacturing. KARV Automation is committed to delivering results with shorter lead times, ensuring that your projects move swiftly from conception to realization. Our streamlined processes, coupled with the efficiency of our experienced team, enable us to meet tight deadlines without compromising on the precision and quality of our 3D designs.

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